Thursday, March 5, 2015

The lunch time


Free lunch given by Thiruvithancore Cultural Society, at Sastha temple, Manacaud

Pongala pot boils

Boiling rice metaphorically represents the mundane problems and fears boiling to vapour in the divine presence

Smoke and fire

Its all smoke and fire, but you feel the divine presence. Worshipping the supreme mother goddess in a womanly way by cooking rice, is a greatest attribute to woman hood itself. 

Lighting the fire

Getting the fire

Lighting the fire for Attukal pongala 2015 : Scenes in front of Sastha temple, Manacaud

Ready for lighting fire

Women line up before the Sastha temple, Manacaud to light the fire

City in pongala mood


Morning pictures

Scenes in front of Sastha temple, Manacaud
Every thing seems ready, the city has itself changed to a divine kitchen to cook the pongala and offer it to the goddess, Attukal amma

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Village diety

Attukal temple premises seen from the nearby field
Attukal still holds the calmness of a village temple even though situated in a busy metro, the Karamana river and the  surrounding fields adds to the village atmosphere.

House full

The temple premises have been been completely occupied by women with pongala pots and fireplace right from the morning, frankly, thereĊ› no space left

The evening rush

The city witnessed a heavy rush to the Attukal temple starting from the morning, long queues of women to get darshan of the diety before pongala could be seen in the temple premises.

The buying spree

Come evening, its time for get together

Women flow through the city roads enjoying every aspect of the Attukal Pongala, be it buying pots or curios items, or coconut husk bundles for making fire. They might meet old faces, friends of yester years, or a neighbour so unexpected, or get a new acquaintance, pongala is a divine communion that brings together everything and everyone.


Attukal pongala is a festive gathering that fuels economic activity among women, particularly the aged

Salt and pepper

Festival idols

Big figurines of the goddess are erected in various parts of the city to celebrate the festival