Saturday, February 27, 2010

Festival colours

Vendors from neighbouring states and districts reach Attukal Pongala with their colourful items to attract children and women. A display by a vendor from Tamil Nadu

City green

The sweet smelling vayana leaves for making therali appam, for sale at road side

Pot pouri

Idol display

Display of idols is part of pongala activity.
An idol of Lord Siva at Manacaud junction

Plastic revolution

Plastic has replaced the traditional bamboo and vazhutha (coconut leaf stem peels) for weaving baskets. Although plastic is cheap, it does not have a fascination for most of the women who come to offer pongala. The poor women who sell the traditional baskets have to pay more for the traditional raw materials and get only a small profit.

Life in times of Pongala

A woman vendor with her baskets and pots

The baskets on display at the roadside

An old woman weaving traditional baskets for pongala.
Pongala is also an economic event as it triggers the micro economy

Morning smile

Of women, flowers and offerrings

Rush in front of the temple

Pongala times

Finding a place

Getting the bricks

The pots have lined

In the morning sun

Lining up for the darshan


An old woman chanting her prayers
amidst the heavy rush in the morning

The heavy rush

The rush will increase steadily sealing entire compound by noon.
This photograph was taken at 8 o'clock in the morning

Everything for Attukal Devi

Women have thronged the temple premises, from early morning today.
Scenes from the temple compound

Tea break

Women drinking the morning cup of tea.
Scene from the temple premises on the eve of Pongala

Of Balloons and Barbies

A balloon vendor at the temple premises

Pongala rush begins

The flow of devotees to Attukal temple has begun from the wee hours today. Vehicles loaded with women and coconut husks and fire wood tied on top are seen plying through the city from early morning. Scenes from the Attukal temple premises

Attukal temple at night