Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pongala showers

The clear sky in Trivandrum after Pongala Showers

The heavy down pour for the past two days in Trivandrum after Attukal Pongala, as a mark of Attukal Amma's happiness over the pongala ritual, has relieved the city from the dust and heat. The water vapours that had condensed in the air after the massive ritual has been the cause of the rain.Call it Pongala Showers.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Divine glory

Attukal Amma's ezhunnellippu is accompanied by armed police as a mark of respect and authority, which is also a State ceremony.

Back to Attukal

Attukal Amma leaving Sastha temple after a brief visit to her brother's abode.

Attukalamma comes to Sastha temple

It is believed that Attukal Amma , the elder sister of  Manacaud Dharma Sastha, comes to meet him in return for his call to come to his abode. This is the legend behind the ezhunnallippu to Sastha temple. Scenes from ezhunnallippu.

Scenes from kuthiyottam

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finishing touch

Pongala is over, but the salad is irresistable!

Back home with good memories

Well done

The Trivandrum Corporation's cleaning workers deserves shakehand for their meticuluos job of cleaning the city within two hours after the pongala.

The final moments

Pongala and therali is ready for nivedyam

Waiting for the priest

Spraying the holy water

Snap shots

Volunteers in action

After fire and smoke a little cool drink

Pongala moments

Pongala boils

Praying to Attukal Amma while pongala boils

Pongala pot boils over

Putting the rice

Lighting the fire

Getting the fire

Waiting for the fire

Women wait for fire in front of the Sastha temple, Manacaud.