Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pachalloor Thookkam

The cart in front of pachapandal

Padakshinam around the temple

Pulling the cart

Thookam on top

Pulling the cart for blessings of Devi

Pachalloor Thookkam during the festival of Pachalloor Devi temple is famous. A cart is pulled encircling the temple. The cart has a long pole that shoots up to the sky and is pulled by thick coir ropes by people who participate in the festival. The men who volunteer to undertake Thookam (Thookkakaran~Malayalam) are tied to the tip pole that shoots up to the sky; they cuddle the children who have the nercha in their hands. After finishing one circle around the temple, the cart is stopped in front of Devi, who sits in the pachapanthal during the festival and the Thookkakaran is brought down along with the child. The Thookkakaran now performs a dance in front of the temple along with the parents of the child.

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