Friday, February 1, 2008

Worship of the womanhood

Attukal Pongala is not simply a worship of the Mother diety (Attukalamma), but a worship of the womanhood itself. One can never find a festival, particularly associated with woman any where in Indian culture. Pongala symbolises the compassion, sincerity, dedication and bhakti and above all the forgiveness of women (or a Mother). By offering Pongala women re-dedicate themselves to the cause of womanhood, asserting that their role play as mother, sister and daughter procreating the essence of human being is more divine than mere physiological.


krystyna said...

Thank you for this info-blog about Pongala. Really good idea!

Truly, I don't understand correctly many Indian's celebrations,... but I try.
Pongala - worship of the womanhood. Generally, I don't like worship any person on the earth, only God. Maybe I don't understand word "worship". In my native language (Polish) - worship refers to the God. (religion meaning).
I wonder too, how Indian man respects a woman as a woman/mother/sister...etc.

Keep up your wonderful work!
I learned more today reading your post.

Good luck!

KS Manu said...

Thankyou Krystyna, for the comment.
do come to Trivandrum for Attukal Pongala next time..and will discover more.

Manu KS

ॐ Hanah ॐ said...

Pretty and inspiracional project...