Thursday, February 7, 2008

Talking in future tense

The winding narrow way to the Attukal temple has many attractions that at once arrest the attention of the devotees. You can just ignore the way side traders who sell the agarbathies, pattu (silk cloth) and other paraphernalia offered to the Mother diety, for they they are all available from a number of other people who line up the gateway; but you cannot just ignore the inviting glances or affectionate calls from the palmists who line the way.
'Future of course is a riddle, and we seldom live the present recognising it. Most of our thinking, planning and deeds, we believe will converge at a point in the future. So future has become more important,and that's why every body wants to know about the future,' says Thampy who has been looking hands for the past twelve years. Thampy firmly believes that Attukalamma has been his saviour, and has never let him down.
Remani who has been here for the past 34 years, looks back with satisfaction, that the Mother diety has always been with her. She admits that the meagre earning she gets from this profession is not sufficient, but there is hope that one day Amma will shower all her blessings. To my question why the fortune teller has a bleak fortune, Remani says that Attukalamma is her fortune.
The age old Ammini, has been my greatest attraction, for her remembrances of the Attukal temple and Pongala goes back to 50 years ! She opened half a century of memoirs and said she came to the temple premises with her mother when she was just thirteen. 'For all these years the Mother diety had given me everything, and in my age I still live out of Amma's mercy.'
While I talk with them, I see some youngsters in their jeans and ears tuned to the FM hits approching to have a peep into their future. A young man in blue jeans spreads out his palms with shyness and glance around to find anybody watching. The palmist had already read his mind. With a smile he asks, have a love affair...The ice has been broken...Stereophones are unplugged from the ears...An enigmatic smile flashes his face.......'Will it happen', he asks....The palmist waits for a minute, to raise the tempo as in a film script, returns the same enigmatic smile as answer, the younster looked at me as if I am the villain. I respected his emotion and walked away to see what's happening around.


Movie Mazaa said...

This is a truly wonderful venture by a group of people with lots of initiative. I just dropped by to wish u the very best!

Great going!

nothing but the truth said...

Wow. I hope someday I can visit Attukal Pongala and have my fortune read. But I am in no hurry the present is keepin me busy enough.