Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Of vinyl prints and bamboo structures

Preparations for the festival are in full swing. The main junctions on the way to Attukal temple have a fresh look. Most of the local tea shops, where people frequent during the Pongala, for a cup of tea or coffee, have a colourful look with new paints on their facades. Big hoardings are being erected at the main junctions, with bamboo poles, which also give jobs to many people. Even though the hoarding structures are erected in traditional way with bamboo poles, the hoardings are made of vinyl. The explosion of digital printing houses in the capital city, has been a boon for the advertisers. Now it is easy to get a vinyl print for less money and the client can also make a bargain. "Ten years ago the situation was different", says Appu, an artist. "We used to get lot of work, but now these modern gadgets came and we lost all the job, now no body wants us. Now no body wants an artist, even for a banner every one goes for a print out." Artists like Appu who did not adapt to the new situations, now paint houses for their living. Temporary sheds are also being made on road sides by traders who hope to make a fortune during the festival. One thing is sure it's great time for advertisers.


bindhiya said...

Thanks for this post and photos.
My mom will be there every year...
take care

krystyna said...

Really great time for advs, but many artists lost the job and festival losts its authentic worth and beauty.
Have a good day!