Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Temple festivals: Thottampattu

Thottampattu at the Panthuvila Devi Temple, Varkala

Thottampattu is yet another important ritual in a temple festival if the presiding diety is Bhadrakali or Bhagavati. In such temples the festival begins with the kudiyiruthu which involves leading the diety to a temporary shed made of thatched coconut leaves in the temple premises, till the end of the festival. Thottampattu begins after the diety is invited to the thatched shed. The Thottampattu is a devotional song and at the same time a ritual, which tells the story of Kannaki in Tamil text Chilappatikaram. The ritual song continues for ten days, and the story told on each day is also related to the rituals in the temple.


Dawn said...

Hi ...I came here from Deepak Gopi's blog :)
I have heard about this but not this detail. Since I never lived in Kerala.

Thanks for educating on this.

bindhiya said...

Hi Manu,
Can you post a video of that "thottampattu"...only the first few lines...I am longing to hear that again. In my family temple bhadrakaali is the main deity...so we have "thottam pattu" in every 3 years.

Thanks for sharing the photos..
take care

KS Manu said...

Dear Bindhiya,

I very much understand your feelings. expect it in one or two days. there was a techical problem, that's why I couldn't upload the video...very soon you have see it...thanks for the support, tell all malayalees there about this blog.